Papa Razzi closes, leaving residents only 12 other Italian options

Georgetown’s Papa Razzi closed on Monday, according to the Georgetown Dish. The Italian chain previously on Wisconsin Ave. has ten other locations in the Northeast. According to the Dish, employees were on the sidewalk in front of the entrance on Monday afternoon and signs flanked the windows thanking customers for “all the wonderful years.”

If this closure leaves you devastated, fear not. There are several other Italian restaurants in the Georgetown area. On the pricier side (for when the ‘rents are in town) is Paolo’s, Filomena, and Cafe Milano. Then there is also Il Canale, Ristorante Piccolo, Paper Moon, Fino Ristorante Italiano, Zio’s, Tony & Luigi’s, Mario & Luigi’s, Donatello & Raphael’s, and the esteemed Il Ristorante Michaelangelo.

And how could I forget? Domino’s Pizza and Tuscany Cafe, which, according to their website, features “custom create-your-owns…delicious wraps, lavash rolls, sandwiches, salads and appetizers that are sure to please.” The description boasts quite the gastronomic experience: “we know you’ll be blown away by the taste of all we deliver.” Assuming you’re not already blown away for other reasons.

The Dish speculates that the formerly Papa Razzi-owned space was sold, but no confirmation is available for this rumor. Updates will come as we find out what the future holds for this vacant space.

Vox‘s recommendation: shuffle over to Pizza Paradiso and mourn our loss with one of their excellent beer selections. Happy hour starts around 5 p.m.

Photo by Georgetown Dish’s Judith Beermann

Note: Vox thought it would be nice to include some other Georgetown Italian options that were not necessarily in the district for all our extensive Texan readership

8 Comments on “Papa Razzi closes, leaving residents only 12 other Italian options

  1. You do know that Tony and Luigis and Zio’s are in Georgetown, TX right? Nice job on researching the story….

  2. At least Vanya is trying, unlike that last editor who gave us the same shit every week with nothing interesting about the area.

  3. Hey, let’s take a break from crucifying blog editors and get back to the real issue. How am I supposed to get laid without this restaurant? It was great for dates. The food was good, it was pretty cheap but looked nice, and it was kind of loud so if you said anything awkward you could just pretend she misheard you. Now what am I supposed to do? Take a girl to Cafe Milano? Right, I’m going to spend 75 bucks to sit next to a Saudi guy getting assassinated by Pakistan. But it’s either that or go all the way to Texas just to play Super Mario Bros.
    Also, check out for the most ridiculous music

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