MPD confirms death on Key Bridge as suicide

Documents released by the Metropolitan Police Department on Friday indicate that the police officer who died last December was responding to a suicide attempt, according to the Georgetown Patch. On December 16, U.S. Park Police officer Michael Boehm died on duty at the site of the jumper incident, but at the time the details of the jumper’s death were not revealed. At the time of the investigation, both lanes of traffic on Key Bridge were closed off during rush hour.

MPD terminated the investigation in February after a D.C. medical examiner determined that the man who jumped was in fact attempting to commit suicide. The document obtained by the Patch states that the man suffered “multiple blunt impact injuries.” The jumper was allegedly a 45-year-old resident of Washington D.C.

Kevin Kornreich of the D.C. Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency told Vox at the time that Boehm went into cardiac arrest at the scene of the incident and died in Georgetown University Hospital.

Sargent Boehm was a Park Police officer for 19 years.

The Patch reports that the information from MPD was obtained after they filed a Freedom of Information Act request.

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