Twuesday Tweetacular: A tribute to Marion Barry, Jr.

This week’s tweets have been rather uninspiring. So to punish all you tweeters for your boring content, Vox has instead gathered the following series of tweets from D.C. Council member Marion S. Barry, Jr.:

Barry pioneered twaggin, the Twitter technique that no doubt was instrumental  in his nomination for Ward 8 representative. Twag away, good sir.

Barry explains the source of his twag. We assume that he is not referring to the revolutionary Situationist International movement of the late 1950s, which was strongly rooted in Marxist ideals.

Barry’s “twitterology” is without equal; he manages to promote a productive idea while pushing the traditional concept of what most people consider to be “proper grammar.” Either that, or Barry was struggling to stay within the 140 character limit.

While leading a revolution in the twitterverse, Marion Barry manages to also pave the way for startling business models. As oil and natural gas companies have known for years, improving the health and safety of an industry costs approximately….nothing.

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