Mayor Gray indicates only 5% of Campus Plan negotiations remain

On Wednesday, at the Citizens Association of Georgetown’s meeting, Mayor Vincent Gray hinted that an agreement has been reached between neighbors and the University over the campus plan. At the meeting, the mayor said, “We’re 95% to getting this solved,” according to the Georgetown Dish.

But, as we all know, it ain’t over till it’s over.

On April 2, the University and neighborhood groups announced that negotiations for the 2010-2020 GU Campus Plan would restart. ANC2E chair Ron Lewis said that no reports would be issued from the meetings to allow them to be “conducted as candidly as possible.” So far, the meetings have been carrying on behind closed doors.

University spokesperson Stacy Kerr expressed a positive sentiment about the negotiations that took place during the past few weeks. Vox is still waiting for an official response.

The meetings remain private; an agreement at this point is speculation. “It is my understanding, though, that Mayor Gray is right to say that the talks are moving in the right direction. I am certainly looking forward to a resolution of the campus plan controversy and continue to hope that whatever agreement is reached will be one that advances the interests of undergraduate students,” ANC Commissioner Jake Sticka (COL ’13) said in an email to Vox.

Check back for updates after the ANC 2E’s meeting on Monday.

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