Neighborhood buzzkill: ANC votes against later bar hours

In a unanimous vote at last night’s ANC2E meeting, Georgetown neighborhood leaders quashed an proposal for later bar hours during three-day holiday weekends. There are 19 three-day weekends, and the hours would be extended till 4 a.m. The idea was part of Council Chairman Kwame Brown‘s effort to raise $1.5 million in the District budget.

Budget balancing through later bar hours was, unsurprisingly, not a hit with the neighbors. Commissioner Bill Starrels headed the resolution. The commission voted against the proposal for several reasons. The bars would close after Metro hours, encouraging people to drink and drive. Another reason cited by Cookie Cruse, CAG’s spokesperson on alcohol, was that foot traffic may strain police resources by “encouraging street crime,” according to the Georgetown Dish.

If you were hoping to stay up till 4:00 a.m. singing your last rendition of “Working Class Hero” by John Lennon on Labor Day at Mr. Smith’s, well, get over it, pack up, and go home.

Via Georgetown Dish

Blingee resurrected from an old post by Leigh Finnegan

2 Comments on “Neighborhood buzzkill: ANC votes against later bar hours

  1. Kinda relieved, I would have had to stay up until 4. EVERYBODY WHO’S DOWN FOR A 4 AM RHINO PARTY SAY HAAAAAAAAAY

  2. The metro/drinking & driving issue trumps anything else. Good call ANC2E.

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