Twuesday Tweetacular: YOLO edition

Here at the Voice, we sympathize with Paul Musgrave. Our fantasy autocracy team never quite recovered from the Muammar Gaddafi kerfuffle.

The question Morgan Davis poses is quite easy to answer: go with the monocle. Monocles are cool, like bow-ties, suspenders, and Beats headphones.

We know exactly how Krystle Corpuz feels. However, our naps usually turn into 4 hour political debates resulting in unresolved tensions, hurt feelings, and no discernible conclusion.

Tucker Cholvin has it all figured out. You only live once so if you’re a Christian male it’s time to hit up the gym. Even the song reflects the true spirit of yolo: “they have everything for young men to enjoy/you can hang out with all the boys.”

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