Poll(s): How will the Affordable Care Act affect you?

Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, a healthcare law requiring most Americans to pay a penalty if they fail to purchase insurance, in a historic moment for President Barack Obama’s legislative efforts. The vote was 5 to 4 with traditionally conservative Chief Justice G. John Roberts Jr. supporting four other liberal-leaning justices.

Obamacare polarizes Democrats and Republicans across the nation. Do you support the Supreme Court’s decision?

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The health care law allows young adults to stay on their parents plans until age 26. Do you plan on taking advantage of this provision?

2 Comments on “Poll(s): How will the Affordable Care Act affect you?

  1. honestly, i don’t even know what else this bill does/did/will do ….

    I know I can’t afford health care, but now that affording health care is legalized, do I have to apply for a permit or something?

    can you do a post telling us?

    Thanks voxyyyy

  2. Point of (dis)order: it’s not a “penalty” it’s a “tax.”

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