Twuesday Tweetacular: Chumbawamba gets knocked down

Of course everyone is supposed to care, Maura Woods. We will never again be able to hear “Tubthumping” live! (Please disregard the lyrics. Contrary to popular belief, we can, in fact, keep Chumawamba down. It’s for the best).

While this process is most likely a good idea for anyone with a Twitter account, she should know that most of the tweets that would make Kathryn Berg potentially unemployable are immortalized in past Twuesday Tweetaculars.

After hours of attempting to clarify which Indiana Jones movie Gabrielle Gold was describing, Vox staffers came to the conclusion that we, too, need a life.

Like N. Jax, we will be watching several Disney movies. After all, it is one of the only activities that can wipe the horror of all those Indiana Jones films we watched.

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