Zoning Commission to decide on Campus Plan for last huzzah

Tonight at 6:30 p.m., the D.C. Zoning Commission will host a final agreement meeting on Georgetown’s campus plan for both a new beginning and a long-anticipated end. The commissioners delayed the final decision in order to decide whether or not additional hearings were necessary. Vox will cover the meeting’s events tonight.

The special public event, to be held at the downtown office of the Zoning Commission, is titled “FINAL ACTION: Georgetown University – Campus Plan 2011.” Campus plan hearings are truly coming to an end this evening, marking a ┬áhistoric moment in town-gown relations.

Going forward, the Georgetown Community Partnership will become a forum for communication with neighbors over the future of Georgetown’s campus activity as well as any plans to expand into the D.C. area. Some prominent aspects of the 2011-2017 plan involve moving students out of the Georgetown area and on campus. The University plans to create new on-campus housing but also promises to promote more vibrant on-campus social life.

Students are not entirely pleased with the final agreement, but many emphasize that this is a decent start. The Georgetown University Student Association committed to representing student interests in future GCP negotiations, while University officials and neighborhood leaders have not yet agreed to the extent of that participation. Some of the greatest student concerns revolve around housing changes, parking restrictions, and increased punishment for noise violations in the neighborhood. In a recent Vox poll, 29.56 percent of Vox readers reported displeasure with the plan to move students out of the townhouses in the surrounding Georgetown area. Another 25.47 percent were concerned about the noise policy (if noise is heard outside of property lines, the party is too loud and subject to being taken apart).

The Georgetown Patch wrote that tonight’s meeting is “should bring to a close a fraught chapter in Georgetown town-gown relations.” While tonight may be the end to the first part of the story, students will likely lobby to be included in the second half.

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