Georgetown receives the highs and lows of college rankings

So here’s the bad news. Last week, Georgetown University appeared as number 47 (right after Columbia University!) on college rankings website The website claims to look beyond the traditional measures used by other ranking systems and “consider indicators of the economic value of a school and the quality of life offered by the city or town it is located in” (bold formatting theirs).

Moving on to the good news. Remember when, earlier this summer, Georgetown’s very own “Noble” (pictured right) modeled for an online shopping site, Uscoop? Well Georgetown men just added sexy to the list right after fashionable. A few days ago, in Glamour magazine’s recent blog post, Georgetown University appeared as ninth in a list of the “10 Colleges With the Hottest Guys.” The description reads: “Nerd alert, nerd alert! One senior says they’ve got ‘the sexiest nerds around.'”

The list was originally compiled by Her Campus, an online community that provides “collegiettes” with vital and invaluable advice about life as a college student. According to the site’s post, Georgetown’s guys range “from ‘prepsters’ to ‘hipsters’ [Editor’s Note: Who the hell is perpetuating this myth?], all of whom share the cultural melting pot that is our nation’s capitol.”

So while we may have landed a questionable ranking on some arbitrary list, take heart, Hoyas—the real authorities have spoken, and our nerds are hotter than Columbia’s nerds.

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