Twuesday Tweetacular: A midsummer night’s hangover

Don’t get Alex Free wrong, he loves almost everything about this work of high-pitched art. He’s just confused about the way those haters of free speech at Kidz Bop changed one of the lines to say “Your stare was holding/ Ripped jeans, smile was showing.” Why was he wearing jeans on his face?

Tucker Cholvin makes the best case for a Drake papacy that we’ve ever heard.

As usual, Georgetown Hot Mess broadcasts on Twitter the lows that the rest of us prefer to hit in private.

Alexandra Dudziuk now knows the phonetic spellings of four more useless Chinese words than you do. Also, Alex, share some with Georgetown Hot Mess, she’s in pain!

Former GUSA Vice President Greg Laverriere told a story to make any Hoya swell with pride, but he left out that the guy yelling “hoya saxa” was him.

3 Comments on “Twuesday Tweetacular: A midsummer night’s hangover

  1. The tweetacular is back! I was beginning to lose faith in the Vox staff.

  2. right, one week without a tweetacular and vox is in shambles. truly.

  3. It was only sarcasm, my anonymous-to-some-but-not-to-those-who-are-well-informed friend. Vox is not dependent on one recurring post that most wish to be a part of but for some reason are never chosen despite having superior tweets.
    No bitterness there.

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