Prefrosh Preview: A Guide to Georgetown College

Vox presents you today with a preview of the Georgetown College. This is part of a series of posts covering each undergraduate program at Georgetown for the Class of 2016.

Hold your head up high, College student.
As the oldest and largest of Georgetown’s undergraduate schools, Georgetown College boasts the most majors and the lowest admission rate. The College will give you the most leeway to indulge all of your weird and remote interests: Take that theater class, then see if you’re cut out for chemistry, before finally settling into linguistics. Also, stick it to your SFS and MSB friends that you’re allowed to pick your own courses your first semester.

You are a beautiful, unique snowflake.
Unlike students in the other schools at Georgetown, no one can pigeonhole you as a student in the College. You’re not necessarily worrying about America’s hegemony in Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan or spending all your time in a lab. You could have anything going on. Your weird pursuits aren’t just accepted, they’re expected. Sure, you’ll find the STIA major in Linear Algebra, but no one will bat an eye at your double major in women’s studies and biology.

Add “well-rounded” to your resume
Most College students spend the majority of their first two years completing general education requirements, but the College’s generous AP credit policy can help with that. Before you truly get to take any course that strikes your fancy, you’ll need to take a language to the intermediate level and fill the humanities and writing requirement, then two courses in just about every other area: mathematics/science, history, social science, philosophy, and theology. And don’t worry “not science people,” your science requirement can be filled with painfully easy classes like astronomy and chemistry in everyday life.

Additionally, for your first two years in the College, you can’t take two of the same courses per semester, forcing you to try out new disciplines. But, take note, the College only enforces this during preregistration. You can add two courses of the same type during add/drop. Don’t abuse this rule, though. Vox doesn’t want to be responsible for a College freshman taking three English classes and two philosophy classes in their first semester.

The Problem of God
This doesn’t just apply to College students, but take the Problem of God. It’s the one consummately Georgetown class. As my POG professor explained to me, the College approached him and asked, “If you could teach first-years at Georgetown anything in one course about theology, what would it be?” Once he replied, the College official told him, “Teach that course.” And so you have it: passionate graduate students and senior theology professors alike teaching you about their favorite topics in theology.

Major in a science
With the opening of Georgetown’s new science center this fall, Georgetown is beginning to invest more time and money on science programs. Science students are the scarcest of all College majors, the science departments will adore you if you declare for them. And I’m not telling you this out of my own bias; there are even more pressing reasons to major in a science.

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