Georgetown to convert Hoyamail to Google Apps in August

On August 12, all student and faculty Hoyamail accounts will transition to adopt Google Apps. William R. Anderson, Associate Director of University Information Services, announced this information to the student body on Thursday in an email. Hoyamail is currently run through Gmail which was set up in the spring semester of 2009 . However, faculty and the members of the McDonough School of Business did not take part in this transition, with faculty using GU Mail and MSB adopting Google Apps.

The new change will allow every student at Georgetown as well as all faculty and staff to use the same service. This has been advertised as one of the biggest advantages of the transition as it will allow for easier collaboration between students and faculty.

“With our 4,000 faculty and staff now using Google Apps as well, we are excited to see the innovative uses the whole campus will find for collaboration, enhancing the education experience, and becoming more productive across campus,” Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis wrote in a blog post.

Another benefit of this transition is that all Georgetown students and faculty will be included each other’s contacts list. Instead of looking up Net IDs,  students will be able to type in the first few letters of a professor’s name to find their email and contact information. The service will be smart phone-friendly, a feature that did not exist with Hoyamail.

UIS will transition students accounts on August 12. Emails, calendars, contacts, and docs will all be converted. However, shared Google Docs will only be copied to the creator.  Shared calendar appointments will not be transferred either. Also, if students have their Hoyamails set-up to forward their email to a non-Georgetown email address, they must set-up that up again with the new service.

Georgetown has created a help page with detailed information on the new Georgetown Google Apps system. There is a section of FAQs, as well as information on how to use all the different apps.

Students will be able to access their new Georgetown Google Apps emails at 9 a.m. on August 13th at


3 Comments on “Georgetown to convert Hoyamail to Google Apps in August

  1. Does anyone else find it ridiculous that GTown has a “Chief Innovation Officer”?

  2. Queue up Men At Work – ‘It’s a Mistake’. Nothing good happens at a strip club at 2am, nor with Google Apps, get your resume ready CIO.

  3. Wish we had this when we were still at Georgetown. Will be good to know if alumni will have access to internal Georgetown platform as well? Must make scheduling meetings with profs / Univ admins so much easier!

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