Voxy Girl heads off to India, to find husband and learn how to cook

This time tomorrow, I will be in the subcontinent of 1.2 billion people and my grandmother’s delicious homemade Indian food. That’s right friends, I’m going to India: the land of the Chicken Maharaja Mac, where potato chips become Masala Lays.

Owing to my absence, for the next couple weeks, Vox will be following a lighter posting schedule. But don’t worry your pretty little heads; former blog editor Leigh Finnegan will take over to bring you any breaking news and prefrosh previews will continue throughout August.

We may be approaching the tail end of summer lovin’, but it’s not too late to pull out your witches brew and throw a massive rave. So enjoy summer while it lasts and I’ll see you in a couple weeks.

2 Comments on “Voxy Girl heads off to India, to find husband and learn how to cook

  1. Chicken Maharaja?? McSpicy Paneer Wraps are where its at. Also, Kurkure over Masala Lays when I need me some packaged namkeen. Come on now. Anyways, welcome!

  2. Kurkure is definitely awesome, but I have a soft spot for Masala Lays because I can’t seem to find them in America. :)

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