Prefrosh Preview: A guide to off-campus dining

This Prefrosh Preview focuses on the off-campus dining options around the Georgetown area.

Any Hoya out there that eventually gets tired of Leo’s (i.e. every Hoya) should be happy to have chosen a college in one of the nation’s most vibrant cities. Along with the internship opportunities and cultural experiences, DC also offers an endless list of diverse eateries. Some that every Hoya should know and try include:

The Basics

aerial-view-of-washington-dc-kenneth-garrettWisey’s: Two blocks from the front gates, Wisey’s is well-known and appreciated by the Georgetown population for its delicious, artery-clogging set of sandwiches. Most popular on the menu include the Chicken Madness and the Hot Chick, but if you’re trying to avoid the Freshman 50, you can also check out Wisey’s healthy cousin on Wisconsin, which serves up some lighter sandwich fare.

Sweetgreen: Opened in 2007 by Georgetown alum, Sweetgreen has now popped up in locations all over the East Coast. Do not be deceived by the M street branch’s small and quiet exterior – Sweetgreen mixes up a delicious, unique salad along with the best frozen yogurt on this side of the Potomac. Admittedly, Pinkberry’s recent appearance on M Street is cause for competition.

Qdoba: Half-off Mondays. With a Georgetown GoCard, students receive half off on their burrito and taco purchases every Monday. Think Chipotle but with quesadillas. If that’s not enough to sway you, maybe the lines of students out the door during rush hours will.

Wingo’s: The champions of half-off Wednesdays. Find the “word of the day” every week on Hoya Connect for an inexpensive route to delicious and very far from healthy chicken wings. Warning: Wingo’s Wednesday is extremely addictive.

Booeymonger: Also popular on Wednesday for half-off pitchers of beer, Booey’s boasts an impressive sandwich menu and provides a relaxed setting to hang out with friends.

Fridays and Saturdays

tombsThe Tombs: Georgetown summed up in restaurant/bar form, the Tombs is located just a block off campus and well-known for its burgers and brunch.

Pizza Paradiso: If Leo’s pizza makes you regret America’s affection for Italian pies, Pizza Paradiso will help you rediscover it with a unique variety of hand-tossed, wood fired dishes and a massive selection of fresh toppings. If you’re a happy hour person (who isn’t?), make sure to check out Paradiso’s 5-7 happy hour specials on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Mai Thai: For those looking to expand their culinary experiences, Mai Thai is a solid option for slightly overpriced but delicious Thai food. Popular dishes include Chicken Pad Thai and Pad See Ew, and best of all, if it’s your birthday you eat for free.

Welp, guess you can’t go here anymoreLa Madeleine: Perfect place for a cheap(er) brunch with the gals, La Madeleine has a good selection of breakfast options as well as a decently-priced menu. Order food at the front and pick your own table. Great for a lazy Sunday morning.

Caffeine and Confections

Saxby’s: The closest off-campus coffee joint and a good change-up from a daily diet of Starbucks or Corp espresso.

Georgetown Cupcake: Three important words that have the power to kill a cupcake: too much icing. Famous, popular, and to be avoided at all costs: the cupcakes are overpriced and the line typically stretches at least half a block on weekends. Plus, everyone at Georgetown knows the first 100 cupcakes go free daily with a secret word from their Facebook or Twitter. Or, you could just wait for your friends who work there to bring back boxes of leftovers.

Baked and Wired: The golden standard for specialty coffees and genuinely delicious cupcakes in Georgetown.

Paul: Recently appearing on Wisconsin Avenue is the French bakery Paul, with presumably decent coffee and French pastries. Last time Vox checked it out, the bakery was a little disorganized and the pastries a bit stale. Maybe we’ll give it a second chance.


Tuscany Café: The go-to pizzeria for late night outings, Tuscany stays open until 3:30 AM every Friday and Saturday and is always bustling with students on weekends. Don’t forget to order ranch dressing with your humungous slice of pizza.

Five Guys: Open until 4:00 AM on weekends, Five Guys is perfect for a late night burger and fries. Or, if you’re really stingy, go along with your friends just for the free peanuts.

On a Parent’s Credit Card

Filomena: Hands down one of the best Italian restaurants in D.C., but your wallet will be lighter for it: Filomena will set you back $40 per person, but is a must-try with huge portions of mouth-watering pasta.

1789: The Tombs’ richer cousin, with daily menus focusing on savory meat offerings. Wins the award for most pretentious menu styling in Georgetown.

Thanks to Sam Buckley for a previous version of this post

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  2. Why isn’t Martin’s Tavern ever on these lists? I’m always really confused about that, since it’s the best.

  3. I believe wingo’s word of the day for half off on Wednesdays is on their website (, at least it was during the last school year.

  4. also under the parent’s credit card, i’d recommend ristorante piccolo, which is a great italian place on 31st st., a block south of M st. wonderful food and very friendly owners, and they have a nice balcony for bringing dates.

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