Spotted: Jordanian Queen Rania on campus with President DeGioia

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[Update]: According to a confidential source from the University, Queen Rania was here to discuss her son, the prince of Jordan, and his future at Georgetown as an incoming freshman. Prince Hussein bin Abdullah is about 18 years old and the eldest child of the royal family. In 2009, Hussein became Crown Prince of Jordan and went to King’s Academy for high school. Although without a citation, Wikipedia says Hussein is said to be a 44th-generation direct descendant of Prophet Mohammad. Vox can only hope he’s reading the blog and taking notes on all our wise prefrosh preview advice.

[Original Post] Around 2:30 p.m. today, Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan and President John J. DeGioia shook hands in front of Healy Hall. The two were presumably meeting to discuss important state matters, or probably just which Whole Foods they frequent for groceries. The current King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, her husband, attended Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in 1987. King Abdullah II married Queen Rania in 1993. President DeGioia awarded King Abdullah II with a Doctor of Humane Letters in 2005 on behalf of the university for the king’s “skillful statesmanship, outstanding achievements in modernizing Jordan, and his extraordinary leadership in promoting inter-faith understanding.”

 Photo by Lucia He

12 Comments on “Spotted: Jordanian Queen Rania on campus with President DeGioia

  1. Please add a Facebook option for FB postings, very cool about the Prince.

    Thank you,


  2. Enough hypocrisy please. When Abdullah took over in 99, the nation had just about 4 billion dollars in dept, Rania and her family were a simple middle class family, all of Jordan natural resources were owned by the people of Jordan and Jordanians were dreaming of a better future. Today, Jordan has more than 20 billion in dept, all natural resources were sold (on the excuse to pay the dept), Rania’s family is one of the richest family in country and Jordanians dream of getting any kind of a visa to escape Jordan. Yes, indeed President De Gioia Abdullah’s “skillful statesmanship, outstanding achievenments in modernizing Jordan …. are so evident today. Enough hypocrisy please.

  3. It would suck to be the prince and have some guy named Mustafa come up to you and harass you about your over paid departments.

  4. What is the Jordanian University not good enough for him..

  5. Stop harassing everyone especially hussein, so what if he goes to georgetown university not everyone has to go to the jordanian university and by the way jordan is going to be a flourished , prodigous place one day so stay optimistic ;)

  6. As a PROUD JORDANIAN and insulted bystander to the comments on this page, I have to say that Prince Hussein will be an exceptional student at Georgetown, his father and mother have done an amazing job at raising him and the fact that Queen Rania’s family is one of the richest has nothing to do with the fact that our country is in debt. We as Jordanians put our country first, and by attending such a prestigious university I believe that the Crowned Prince will take the privileges he has been given AND the education that he will acquire to make our country an even better, more beautiful and thriving state for its people and inhabitants.
    Long live the king and his heirs.

  7. Oh Please… Long Live the King and his heirs???? In 2013??
    You must be living in a CAVE IF you still believe that king Abdullah has done anything good for Jordan. I am Jordanian, and I am telling you: NO ONE LOVES THE KING OR QUEEN.
    King Abdullah and his corrupt Clique has sucked the life out of Jordan and its limited resources. They are treating the country as their own private milking farm.
    Why don’t you invite your beloved King and Queen to live in your house, start handing them your monthly salary, and even work overtime to afford their expensive lifestyle… as for me and million of Jordanians… we are tired of doing that, because we have been paying their expensive bills for the last decade… and it sucks!

  8. You “Petra of Jordan” must be palestinian, all jordanians love the royal family and we are willing to die for them, if you don’t like the royal family and the king, then hand in your passport and get the hell out of jordan, no one wants you. Long Live the KING, whether you like it or not, Jordan will remain a monarchy under the Hashemites!! That’s what the people want. 20 Billions in debt? What about the US who have 17 trillion in debt!
    We love the King, and we are sure his son will be as good. Everyone is jealous!! You wish to be in his place, fucking retards.

  9. AS a Jordanian , as a lover of the hashimte family , as a lover of my king and his son and his family i would like to say something to some people here are being rude .
    you dont have to be rude to show you are something special , being rude is something driving you to hell , our king and his son are educated people and who dont like to be educated ? our universities in Jordan are good , but not good enough to learn a future KING !!!! so before you say your dummy words , learn respect and learn who we are and a small advice to y’all ( its Our Jordan , its our king , its our crownprince , its our business ) so keep your nose out of it and may allah bless our hashimite family .

    Best Regards
    Bro. Tariq w. Abandeh

  10. of course we love our king, jordan is way better off economically after his majesty assumed the throne, get educated then comment.

  11. I am not Jordanian but I think you Jordanians who hate your own Crown Prince is really horrible.

    Your country will never prosper under that type of blame-blame mentality. It is 2014 and you should do your best to uplift your culture and brand into a modern age of tolerance, understanding and righteous equal treatment for all people if you want the world to respect you.

    Blaming the young Prince for choosing to go to a Catholic university rather than your own says a lot about his achievements in life to pursue his own happiness, to which he is also entitled to as a human being, and then for the needs of his kingdom, which is your country.

    Nobody is perfect but it seems that the King and Queen of Jordan are doing their best to help YOUR country advance into modern age. Granted its not perfect but they want what is best for your future, the youth, with respect and dialogue. It is a shame that Pope Francis even visited your country if that is your mentality against your leaders. Horrible Jordanians, stop being so evil against your own people.

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