Georgetown ranks second most politically active, best college city

aerial-view-of-washington-dc-kenneth-garrettThis week, Georgetown scored a few top spots in the recently-released annual Princeton Review list of college rankings. Georgetown comes in first place for the category “College City Gets High Marks.” The online lists do not yet include any criteria or explanation for the ranking choices.

Hoyas landed second place after students at American University in the category for “Most Politically Active Students.” Georgetown also ranked tenth in the category of “Most Popular Study Abroad Program.”

Surprisingly enough, Georgetown did not place in any strained town-gown relation categories. The Georgetown Patch stipulates that the recent campus plan agreement might indicate we are on track to improved university-neighborhood relations.

Breakdown for American University, George Washington University and Howard University after the jump!

American University

#1 Most Politically Active Students

#6 Most Popular Study Abroad Program

#7 College City Gets High Marks

#10 Best Career Services

The George Washington University

#3 College City Gets High Marks

#3 Most Politically Active Students

#13 Best College Dorms

Howard University

#6 Administrators Get Low Marks

#7 This is a Library?

#11 Town-Gown Relations are Strained

#12 Got Milk?

Photo by Kenneth Garrett from Flickr

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