Luke’s Lobster opens in Georgetown, looks pretty nice

Yesterday evening, Luke’s Lobster opened in Georgetown on Potomac Street. Owner Luke Holden graduated from Georgetown University in 2007 with a degree from the business school. The shop is two stories, with the traditional Maine-inspired seafood menu. The restaurant looks great, though Vox has yet to try the food out. Review to come soon.

Luke’s Lobster takes over a space previously occupied by the famed Philadelphia Pizza Company, or “Philly P,” which apparently Holden frequented during his time at Georgetown. In 2009, the ANC went after Philly P’s for its late night hours, high number of take-out customers, and the odor that bothered the neighbors. A year later, Philly P’s was ordered to close. We wish Holden good luck in his effort to reoccupy the space!

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Photos by Lucia He

4 Comments on “Luke’s Lobster opens in Georgetown, looks pretty nice

  1. “The restaurant looks great, though Vox has yet to try the food out.” Really compelling journalism.

  2. Why no mention that this is built on Philly P’s ancient burial mound? Beware of curses, Luke!

  3. This location of Philly P was part of an ugly death of something that was once wonderful. Think Jefferson Starship after Jefferson Airplane, Joe Montana with the Chiefs, MJ with the Wizards, Georgetown Day without rampant public consumption of alcohol, Fat Elvis, etc.

    There was something magic about standing in line with the creepy full wall the mirror at the old Philly P, and then eating your ranch slathered slice sitting (or often laying) the gutter of 34th Street. The Potomac Street version lacked that magic — and hot pizza.

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