Three million people think Washington and Lee is a better school than Georgetown

In a college ranking website,, Georgetown is listed as 25th best overall college right after Washington and Lee University, Bowdoin College, and Pomona College. CrowdRank claims to provide a competing voice to U.S. World and News Report, which they believe is the combined “opinions of a small number of self-appointed experts.” The ranking site deems itself the “Wikipedia of rankings,” with three million online voters contributing to the website’s real street credibility.

The website intends to “democratize” rankings for colleges by opening up the decisions to the general populace.”In an age of open and social communication, we think centrally controlled expert-driven models are less relevant than a crowd-based ranking methodology,” Paul Everett, Director of Analytics for CrowdRank, said in a press release. The voting method, “pairwise ranking methodology”, supposedly removes certain obstacles in average voting mediums to create a more accurate representation of a school’s overall value.

College rankings are on the loose this fall, with Princeton Review releasing its college rankings a few weeks ago. No matter where we fall in these seemingly arbitrary lists, we can always take solace in the fact that Georgetown has the most attractive male population.

5 Comments on “Three million people think Washington and Lee is a better school than Georgetown

  1. As a self-appointed expert myself, I can say in my humble yet perfectly accurate opinion that these self-appointed experts are wrong.

  2. Many more than that voted for George W., and they were wrong, too.

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