BREAKING: Students score seats on Georgetown Community Partnership

Administrators have promised student representatives will take a spot in the Georgetown Community Partnership negotiations, starting with Georgetown University Student Association President Clara Gustafson (SFS, ’13). A press release was sent to campus media announcing this new development.

The campus plan agreement led to the creation of GCP, which is the new negotiating body for future discussions between the University and neighborhood groups. GUSA advocated strongly for student representation in the GCP, as the decisions made during these conversations will have a direct impact on the future of student life at Georgetown.

Advisory neighborhood commissioner Ron Lewis was also recently named co-chair of the GCP.

According to the press release, administrators promised student representation on the steering committee and on other committees, indicating that there will be at least a handful of students in the conversation.

“Since student interests were not adequately represented in the campus plan negotiations, it is of utmost importance that students are part of the GCP, which will set the tone for neighborhood relations going forward,” Gustafson said in the press release. “I really look forward to working with neighborhood leaders on safety, transportation, housing, and other student and community concerns, and I hope to involve as many other students as possible.”

Post to be updated with more details soon.

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