GOCards now linked to PNC Bank to function as debit card

Yesterday, the GOCard office announced a new partnership with PNC Bank, allowing students to link their PNC bank accounts with their GoCards. This change will turn GoCards into PIN-based debit cards. Students will now be able to use their GOCards to make transactions off campus, in grocery stores and other locations, according to the press release.

No credit card fees will be implemented in this transfer. “GOCard is the only card you will need on and off campus,” the GOCard office wrote to students. The closest PNC location is on M Street and Wisconsin Ave. Do you have a PNC account?

2 Comments on “GOCards now linked to PNC Bank to function as debit card

  1. Because GUASFCU doesn’t have the corporate money to buy off the administration to promote loyalty for its brand. I’d love a Pepsi about now…

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