Georgetown rises back to #21 in U.S. News & World Report

Woof college rankingsToday, U.S. News & World Report released its list of college rankings, with Georgetown University as 21st out of National Universities. We’ve seen 22nd place last year, we’ve even gone so far as 23rd in years past. It’s good to be back.

Emory University beat us to the punch, scoring 20th place. BUT WHY? We’ll just stick with tradition and blame it on the author of U.S. News, Robert Morse, who lives directly above Baked and Wired. The minority of hipster Hoyas who frequent this coffee shop probably give our campus a bad rep.

In worse college ranking news, Forbes gave Georgetown an overall placement of 38. Princeton Review recently ranked our students second most politically active among college campuses. The Hilltop scores first place for Princeton Review’s category “College City Gets High Marks,” even though apparently 90 percent of us are supposed to be on campus most of the time and “houses are shaking” when we try to use GUTS buses to leave.

4 Comments on “Georgetown rises back to #21 in U.S. News & World Report

  1. “The minority of hipster Hoyas who frequent this coffee shop probably give our campus a bad rep.”

    How dare you, Vox? Hipsters are Hoyas too. We frequent Baked and Wired, smoke, start memes, vote in GUSA elections, and make this campus what it is. We are indie, and we don’t take shit from nobody; certainly not some conservative rag like The Voice.

  2. Lol, @hipster hoya, don’t you know vox is full of hipsters who love shaked and wired just trying to scare other people away from it so that it can remain underground and they can eat their pumpkin nutmeg chai muffins and smoke rollies and listen to Merzbow with only the hippest of the hip?

    Typical vox and typical vox commenters. lol.

  3. Can we photoshop in jack degioia into that bathtub. There is also way to much trolling on this page, I want to try and troll the trolls but I already think theres a troll rolling a troll.

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