What would you ask ANC Commissioner Ron Lewis?

In about two hours, Vox will have the opportunity to talk on the record with Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Ron Lewis and Georgetown’s Associate Vice President for Community Engagement and Strategic Initiatives Lauralyn Lee. Lewis was recently named co-chair of the GCP. Lee’s new position entails negotiating with neighbors and communicating frequently with Lewis on different University-neighborhood issues. For any background on the campus plan agreement, check out these posts.

Vox wants to be sure we use this time to ask students: what would you ask?

Please type your questions in the comment section. Be clear which person you want the question to be addressed to, whether it is Lauralyn Lee or Ron Lewis. Thanks.

9 Comments on “What would you ask ANC Commissioner Ron Lewis?

  1. Ask him about the GUTS buses. It’s pretty egregious to force GUTS buses to reroute when there are other neighborhood buses that run on the same roads at the same time.

    Also, ask him about Jake Sticka (along with other ELECTED ANC commissioners) weren’t present in the negotiations that banged out the final agreement. How is that fair?

  2. FMK: Emma Watson, Mila Kunis, and Megan Fox (pre-pregnancy)

  3. Is it true that you have the most depraved soul humankind has ever seen and that millions live because you’ve channeled your energy into opposing campus plans instead of genocide?

  4. If we want students to not create noise in the community, how can we incentive on-campus parties? What measures would you support to make that happen?

  5. ask him if he went to college and what that was like and if the neighbors hated him. Also ask if someone moves next to a dump and it smells, can that person tell the dump owners to move it?

  6. Ask if him rumors that he’s aging Benjamin Button style are true, and if he really is currently in the fetus stage.

  7. Ask him if he’s seen workaholics, and then tell him he’s so not loose butthole

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