Breaking: Leo’s health inspection reports eight violations

UntitledYesterday, D.C.’s Department of Health released its annual health inspection report on Georgetown’s Leo J. O’Donovan Dining Hall, identifying six critical violations and two non-critical. Leo’s is in the third level risk category. The report form states that “six or more critical violations that cannot be corrected on site during the course of the inspection results in an automatic suspension and closure of a food establishment.” Fortunately, the two of the critical violations corrected on site to keep our dining hall up and running.

The “routine” inspection report took place on September 4, 2012 around noon. According to the Health Regulating and Licensing Administration, most permitted food service establishments in the District receive two unannounced food safety inspections each year. The last Leo’s inspection report is dated April 2010.

Of the critical violations, the inspector, Ross Gateretse, cited Leo’s for “unclean food contact surfaces, can openers, ice box drop panels, reach-in and walk-in coolers.” Equipment, food-contact surfaces, and utensils must be clean to sight and touch in order to pass this mark. This violation was corrected on site. Another violation held that cutting boards were “not smooth and have numerous grooves.” The inspectors requested replacement of cutting boards within the next five calendar days.

Area Supervisor Ronnie Taylor from the Food Safety Division of the D.C. Department of Health said that any violations are “concerning,” especially when marked critical. These types of violations impact public health directly. Taylor also added that the violations corrected on site are “not too big of a deal.” However, several critical violations are cause for concern.

The inspector also reported that employees were not wearing hair nets or restraints, and uncovered food items were in the cooler. The fourth violation was that cold items were held at improper temperatures. The walk-in cooler was also discovered to be out of order during the time of the inspection. Finally, chemical test strips were not available on site (to test the concentration of sanitizing solutions) and the mandatory consumer advisory notice to remind customers and employees that raw food leads to illness was not posted in the dining hall. The lack of a consumer advisory notice was corrected on site. The report marked Leo’s noncompliant with the category “plumbing installed; proper backflow devices” as well.

Risk levels are not determined by the violation count, but the food served in the establishment. Vital Vittles, for example, is at a risk level two because it serves packaged foods, while the Georgetown University Hospital is at a level five because it’s a hospital with higher sanitation requirements.

The latest 2010 inspection only displays one critical violation. However, the dining hall still fell into the third level risk category. The violation stated that the ice cream condiments were not covered.

Photo by Kirill Makarenko

12 Comments on “Breaking: Leo’s health inspection reports eight violations

  1. This is ridiculous. The food has gotten worse since last year, the number of choices has decreased, and when students can taste that some of the fruit has been left out way too long, you’re obviously going to have 6 critical errors. The meal plans are basically extortion with what Leo’s offers.

  2. Extremely unhappy with Leo’s. The vegetables always tasty like they have sitting out too long. The healthy choices have gone down dramatically, but of course they buy two new ice cream machines and keep mass producing sweets like no other. They can count on me canceling my meal plan if they do not change things.

  3. Yes, yes, we are all dissatisfied with Leo’s. But can we turn the dissatisfaction into something more? Action, perhaps? The Department of Health performs inspections based on complaints, as well. We all have the criteria for inspections linked in this very post.

    See a violation? Report it to the DOH! Put pressure on the management and on Aramark to reform Leo’s for the better.

    My fellow Hoyas, do not stand idly by and suffer indigestion, plagues, and low-quality ingredients. Our only dining hall is currently two strokes of luck away from being shut down. This cannot continue.

    Rise up and turn this frustration into a better dining experience. Make Aramark truly hear our wishes and demands. This semester, rise up and proclaim, “YES WE CAN! HOYA SAXA!”

  4. sometimes i eat leos and think of ________. other times i eat leos and think of ________.

  5. GFK speaks the truth. So does turk; Stacy, Moe, Waka Flock (or Lil’ Wayne which ever you prefer) do no wrong.

  6. Sounds like Leo’s needs a visit from Gordon Ramsey. Violation like this are very easy to avoid, though one could infer that there is a sense of apathy on the part of the Leo’s staff.

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