This Week in the Voice: Tech startups at Georgetown

coverIn this week’s feature, Connor Jones looks at Georgetown students who have begun their own tech start-up companies and the obstacles they face in developing them.

A small minority of students who have successfully built or broken into startup tech companies does exist, but those students in that group insist that they have received minimal to no help from the University. Although Georgetown in recent years has introduced programs to encourage students to pursue entrepreneurship, those students interested in starting tech companies find themselves handicapped by working (neither at a school nor in a city known for its technology scene.)

On the Editorial Page, the ed board criticizes the Democratic Party’s unwillingness to include voting rights for DC on their platform.

In News, Lucia He delves deeper into the past and present of the lawsuits filed against the on-campus restaurant Epicurean and Company.

Kevin Joseph analyzes the effects that Notre Dame’s departure from the Big East will have on Georgetown in the Sports section.

In Leisure, Julia Lloyd-George reviews the Woolly Mammoth Theatre production The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Diety.

In Voices, Kara Panzer describes the difficulties of living on a college campus without birth control and calls for the University to change its stance on the issue.

Finally, make sure to check out the back page, which features the first installment of our serial romantic fiction project Fifty Shades of Blue and Gray.

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