Einstein Bros. Bagels opens in Regents Hall

This week, Einstein Bros. Bagels came back to Georgetown’s campus with a location in the new science center Regents Hall. The new store allows you to take a bagel and put it in a toaster. The new deal (which expires today) let’s you buy a bagel and coffee for $3.50A medium coffee and a bagel ($3.35) without the morning special would still be cheapter at The Corp, though. The store can be found on the second third floor of Regents and a full Einstein Bros. will open soon on the second floor of Car Barn.

Photo: Robin Go

7 Comments on “Einstein Bros. Bagels opens in Regents Hall

  1. Correction, I believe it’s on the third floor.

    I went this morning, and the cashier hit on me. NOT what I want to deal with during the morning rush, especially when other students are around.

  2. @@NewYorkBagel Girl

    Complaining about sexual harassment isn’t bragging.

  3. @Great Gloria Steinem’s Ghost

    Gloria Steinem is still alive…not necessary to invoke her ghost. :)

  4. It is a distinctly male experience to find complaints of unwanted sexual harassment an attempt at bragging. That should be your answer right there.

  5. Getting hit on does not necessarily entail sexual harassment.

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