Comments of the Week: Age has powerful effects on the mind

Last week, Vox Populi had the great fortune of an opportunity to interview the famed ANC Commissioner Ron Lewis, a man who has gone so far as to endorse 100 percent students housed on campus to now becoming a crucial advocate and negotiating partner for the university.

We asked Vox readers what their burning questions would be for Commissioner Lewis. King DeGioia, Esq.‘s primary concern was for Lewis’s physiological development over time:

Ask if him rumors that he’s aging Benjamin Button style are true, and if he really is currently in the fetus stage.

Others, like Herman Cain, were more concerned with his sex life.

FMK: Emma Watson, Mila Kunis, and Megan Fox (pre-pregnancy)

doo$h tried to appeal to Lewis’s sympathies by reminding the commissioner of his heavy drinking and rowdy fraternity life in college.

ask him if he went to college and what that was like and if the neighbors hated him.  Also ask if someone moves next to a dump and it smells, can that person tell the dump owners to move it?

By far the most sincere question, however, came from :(

Why do you hate us? :'(

Ronnie doesn’t hate us! He even told Vox that he plans to have a drink with his wife at the future pub in the New South Student Center! He doesn’t hate us, he just wants us to stop taking dumps on his lawn.

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