Spotted: Two potential CAG security cameras on 34th and N Street

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Recently, a Voice staffer discovered two suspicious-looking cameras peeping out of a house on the corner of 34th and N Street, about three blocks from campus. Careful where you stop to surreptitiously kiss your loved ones or relieve yourself after a night of drinking, because there’s a good chance a neighbor is watching.

The products were identified as Linksys and Wansview surveillance cameras. The smaller, Wansview camera faces the intersection, while the Linksys camera faces N Street.

In late August, the Citizens Association of Georgetown announced that it will install security cameras around Georgetown’s residential area to reduce crimeVox has not yet confirmed whether or not the security cameras were installed by CAG. Earlier this year, Altemus said that the security cameras would be on private property, with the permission of home owners.

Three security cameras are reportedly already up in the neighborhood. “We hope that the presence of these cameras will act as a deterrent to crime and assist the Metropolitan Police Department with criminal investigations,” CAG President Jennifer Altemus wrote to neighbors a month ago.

Look back for updates on the source of the cameras. Photos by Kirill Makarenko

4 Comments on “Spotted: Two potential CAG security cameras on 34th and N Street

  1. 1) Change drivers licence to DC
    2) Purchase biggest, rusty 1970s car you can find for under $500
    3) Register it and get a Zone 2 sticker
    4) Get several cans of paint in garish colors
    5) Have a painting party
    6) Park in front of offending neighbors homes
    7) Place “security” camera pointed at their homes
    8) Enjoy!

  2. Please someone throw the book at these assholes if there are any cameras that point into peoples’ homes and/or that have sound recording devices. DC ST § 23-542

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