The Chronicle: Georgetown isn’t quite in the Smug Elitism Club

the chronicle infographicTired of rankings yet? Georgetown, after failing to break the top 20 in U.S. News rankings yet again, (Go convince Charles Deacon that the CommonApp is not the devil and ask our donors to give a couple billion more to the school) receives another round of beating from the Chronicle of Higher Education’s data. The Chronicle released a study showing how universities view one another, using data submitted by over 1,500 colleges to the U.S Department of Education.

Georgetown now ranks as 63rd out of 1,595 schools (behind University of Florida), according to their PageRank algorithm. In their interactive pictograph [pictured right], Georgetown selected ten peer colleges; five of which are Ivy League schools. Sadly, our university was jilted by all but three of the schools they selected as peers, although two matches were Ivy Leagues (Dartmouth and Brown). Some schools, like Bowdoin College, selected almost 100 colleges as peers.

Duke and Columbia University did not select any institution as a peer.

On the bright side, we at least have some suitors (24, in fact). Every major Jesuit school chose us as a peer, along with American University and George Washington University. Furthermore, the eight Ivy League schools only picked 12 schools outside their ranks as peers, and Georgetown was one of them, in the company of Stanford, University of Chicago, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We also got some love from Emory (who somehow managed to beat us for the vaunted 20th place in U.S. News). Seriously, be nicer to Robert Morse, he lives on top of Baked and Wired.

Georgetown picked only private schools as peers. Only two public universities selected Georgetown as a peer. Additionally, in the accompanying article, more odd matches include the University of Phoenix’s Jersey City Campus and Regent University choosing Harvard (who only picked Yale, Princeton, and Stanford as peers). Andrea Branch of the Chronicle explains that colleges often include in their lists the universities that they desire to mimic and gain their data. This process gives them the chance to see where exactly they match up and fall short with their rivals. Other universities however, just seem to select the universities that are closest to them in the U.S. News rankings.

So, basically, we can yawn at yet another arbitrary ranking that fosters more insecurity in college admission staffs and celebrate the arbitrary rankings that we do actually place well in(top 20 finally!)

Photo snapshot of Chronicle infographic

4 Comments on “The Chronicle: Georgetown isn’t quite in the Smug Elitism Club

  1. Is there a purpose in singling out that Georgetown is a place behind the University of Florida? You know if you want to point out smug elitism it helps not publicly express your disgust at being ranked behind a public state university.

  2. Seems like an overreaction, Alex. I didn’t read it that way at all.

    FWIW, I remain glad we don’t use the CommonApp, rankings be damned.

  3. US News and World Report has its offices above Baked and Wired. That letter was (shockingly) not sent to his home address, and if you’d ever looked would’ve noticed giant “US News and World Report” lettering on the side of the building, which, I would bet, is not how Robert Morse decorates his home.

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