This Week in the Voice: Where is Georgetown investing?

the voiceIn this week’s Feature, Patricia Cipollitti investigates Georgetown’s investment portfolio and the struggles the University faces to make ethically sound decisions.


As of now, no one outside of the Investment Office or the higher echelons of University leadership has access to the list of investments. The University’s opaque investment practices make it impossible for the Georgetown community to have agency or respond to any harms that may be being committed with student and alumni money.

 On the Editorial page, the ed board encourages the administration to change the standard of proof in student conduct from “more likely than not” to “clear and convincing.”


In News, Connor Jones reveals the effects of a university policy that prohibits students who live in University-owned housing from operating a start-up business.


Keith Levinsky covers the football team’s loss last Saturday to Yale and also looks ahead to Georgetown’s game against Princeton this coming weekend on the Sports page.


In the Leisure section, Keaton Hoffman reviews The Brixton, an upscale British pub on U Street.


The Voices section features Nikhil Lakhanpal, discussing his experience as an American studying in the Middle-East at the SFS-Qatar campus during a time of high anti-American sentiment in the area.


Our serial romantic fiction project Fifty Shades of Blue and Grey moves on to its second installment of the semester.


And last, but not least, Page 13’s [pictured below] comic tells the story of the fall of the Department of Public Safety to the take over of the GUPDa Empire.

9.19.12 Pg. 13

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