UPDATED: GUSA dismayed over missing posters in Red Square

GUSA's new open letter to Todd OlsonUPDATED POST:

By Thursday morning, GUSA replaced the poster in Red Square with a handwritten version [pictured left] for students to continue signing.

Previous Post:

On Tuesday morning, students noticed that posters mounted in Red Square by the Georgetown University Student Association were missing. The poster, put up on Monday morning, was an open letter to Todd Olson demanding the immediate adoption of the proposed changes to raise the evidentiary standard from “more likely than not” to “clear and convincing.” A set of permanent markers were attached to each open letter for students to sign.

In a press release to students, GUSA announced that the banner, three permanent markers, poster boards and a folder disappeared by Tuesday 8 a.m. “We have asked both Facilities and the Office of Campus Activity Facilities (OCAF) whether they removed the materials on Monday night, and neither department has taken responsibility. We ask that anyone who knows about the whereabouts of the banner contact the GUSA Executive,” the press release read. GUSA intends to replace the banner as soon as possible.

“We are dismayed that, for whatever reason, someone has chosen to stifle free expression on this extremely important issue. However, we are eager to restore this forum for student advocacy, and we intend to quickly replace the banner with a handwritten version.”

12 Comments on “UPDATED: GUSA dismayed over missing posters in Red Square

  1. it was a letter to Todd Olson…so if he took it, that would actually be good right?

  2. I “illustrate” DinoJack for the voice, so…maybe I am DinoJack.

  3. The same thing happened to MEChA de Georgetown and they lost a huge 8ft César Chávez poster, and nobody made a whimper.

  4. Remember that one time our GIANT, expensive Cesar Chavez blood drive poster went missing last year and NO ONE CARED.

  5. I’m still looking for the Stalinesque 50-foot portrait of myself that the Regents promised to put on the Harbin-facing side of the new science center. This treasure map they gave me keeps leading me back to the sloppy joes station Todd Olson set up in his office last January to trick me into coming back from Davos.

  6. Could it have MAYBE, POSSIBLY, PERHAPS, been the 45 mph wind storm that blew through (the already wind tunnel-like) Red Square that took it? Stop being a bitch Mother Nature.

  7. A wind storm that took a banner, two poster boards, a folder, and three permanent markers clean off the wall, but left all the other posters?

  8. Homer Simpson: Who are you?
    Ghost of César Chávez: I am the spirit of César Chávez.
    Homer: Then why do you look like César Romero?
    Ghost of César Chávez: Because you don’t know what César Chávez looks like.

  9. The wind has blown 20 theater posters down like 20 minutes after I put them up, so like nbd

  10. What do I care? My career is over, my wife took the kids, and my best friend is Rainbow Jeremy, my pot dealer.

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