Provost Bob Groves to tweet about his new blog

In an email sent to students, the new Provost Robert Groves announced the inaugural post of a blog he will maintain throughout the semester. He titles the first post “Our Moment in Time,” in which he discusses the future of research and innovation at Georgetown. He reflects on the introduction of online courses and other advancements in the education over the past years, stressing Georgetown’s need to balance the use of “new techniques” and “traditional methods.”

“Georgetown needs to remain focused on the end, not just the means. Its legacy consists of students as whole persons filled to their individual capacity with knowledge and skills in the service of others,” Groves wrote.

He encourages students to follow his new Twitter, as well, which he says he will update whenever he posts a new blog entry. He added that he hopes students will comment in response to each blog post.

“We lucked out,” Groves ended his first post. “We got to be at Georgetown at a time of unprecedented opportunity.”

3 Comments on “Provost Bob Groves to tweet about his new blog

  1. If this headline had one more social media reference it could appear in the Onion.
    Whats next? President Jack DiGioia to blog about putting photos of his tumblr on instagram?

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