Vox‘s Voting Guide: Alumni Square and Nevils

Here we present the candidates for Alumni Square and Nevils. This district will have two spots for senators. Four students are running.

AndrewMarkel(1)Andrew Markel (SFS ’15)

Candidate Markel is running to “make our voices and to make Georgetown a better school, community, and home for us all”.

Markel is one of four candidates running in the Alumni Square and Nevils district, which has two representatives in the Senate.

Markel has experience in the Senate, to which he was elected in a special election at the end of last semester. He has been involved in many large Senate projects, including the “Clear, Convincing, Fair” referendum on the Code of Student Conduct that will appear on the Senate ballot this Thursday. He is still in the process of taking on more projects and creating change.

Evident from his experience, Markel is dedicated to the Senate. “For me, being an elected member of GUSA is not just another activity I take part in here at Georgetown,” Markel said. “It is an important position and commitment, and I will always treat it as such.”

If elected, Markel plans to institute more frequent GUTS buses on weekends, as well as work for better treatment of maintenance requests and increased availability of Zipcars for students over eighteen years of age. “I want to make Georgetown work for its students,” Markel said.

vox (1)Jay Factor (COL ’14): Stickin’ it to the man

Factor is a government major running for GUSA on a platform of student advocacy. “I think student rights need to be more important on campus,” he said. His first priority is “improving the quality of student life on campus, in terms of social life and academics.”

Factor is a returning GUSA member. “I have experience in the Senate and have worked as a student advocate and seen firsthand the problems students have to deal with,” he said.

Factor served as a senator as well as a student advocate in the Student Activities Office last year. “We worked for better student representation in the disciplinary process,” he said.

He has a sense of humor as well. “Also, I stick it to the man,” he added.

Harry Metz (MSB ’15): No Nonsense Man

Metz is running for the Georgetown University Student Association Senate on behalf of the students. “I want to give the students a larger voice in university affairs,” he said.

Metz is a finance major running in the Alumni Square and Nevils district, which has two open spots with four candidates running.

He plans to make administrative change if elected. “I want to make a centralized booking system for classrooms around the university along with technology and cut the bureaucracy down for starting a new club,” he said.

Metz has never served on GUSA before. “I am an outsider,” he said.

He does believe, however, that he has personal qualities that distinguish him from other candidates. “I feel that I have the dedication and a no nonsense attitude that will allow me to get things done,” he said.

Vetone Ivezaj (C’13): Are We Green Enough?

Ivezaj is running for GUSA Senate on a platform that can be summed up in one word: green. “Already a leader in academics, athletics and research, I believe in the potential for Georgetown University to be a leader in innovative, environmentally sustainable practices, and I want to be involved in making this a reality,” Ivezaj said.

She is a returning GUSA member and an environmental biology and political economy major. Her first priority if elected would be implementing green practices at the school.

“Along with setting aside space for a community garden for residents to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, I want to make sure that all apartments contain a recycling bin,” she said. “Residents of Alumni Square and Nevils have expressed interest in incorporating more ‘green’ practices into their apartments, and I would like to encourage and assist in realizing the potential to collectively improve campus sustainability.”

Ivezaj has ideas for a number of different initiatives to reach this goal. “I will also focus on improving sustainability in apartment communities,” she said. “I will start a community garden so students can grow fresh vegetables and fruits, and I will secure the funds necessary to add recycling bins to all apartments.  Students are excited to do their part for the environment, and I hope to make it easier for them to contribute to campus sustainability.”

She believes that his experience as a Resident Assistant distinguishes him from other candidates. “I have experience with knowing the problems those living in apartments face as my residents have expressed their concerns from a student perspective and from a resident perspective,” she said. “My platform focuses on what residents have said they want to see happen on campus and in their living community.”

Editor’s Note: Vetone Ivezaj was initially referenced as male, which has been corrected. Vox apologizes for the mistake. In addition, Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson (SFS ’14) is running at-large, not in Village B / Nevils district.

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