Vox‘s Voting Guide: Candidates for Village C East

Here we present the candidates for Village C East. This district will have one spot for a senator. Three students are running.

gusaRobert Shepherd (MSB ’15)

Shepherd is running for reelection to the GUSA Senate from Village C East because he is “determined to set and achieve realistic goals and foster a positive Georgetown experience for everyone.”

Whereas many other candidates identify campus life issues as their primary concerns, Shepherd puts more focus on the classroom. In an email to  Vox he wrote that he wants “support for academic life and research (to increase students’ opportunities and the value of the Georgetown degree).”

Shepherd points to his work ethic and institutional knowledge as his best attributes.  He writes “(a) my knowledge of the language of GUSA and of the school’s inner administrative workings and (b) my willingness to devote long hours and strenuous effort to the students’ cause” set him apart from other candidates.

As for his previous term, Shepherd lists “ (a) being accessible to everyone in my district and listening to their concerns and (b) being voted by the Senate to the Finance and Appropriations Committee,” as his top accomplishments.

Megan Murday (SFS ’15)

When you pick up your GUSA ballot, Murday wants you to “think M&M’s: Vote Megan Murday to improve Meals and Maintenance!”

An International Politics major, Murday identifies her first priority as “reforming our dining options at Leo’s and grab-n-go. Our talented and busy student body deserves change in the one area everyone loves to hate.  I would fight for increased quality of food and quantity of options, as well as the option to have unused meals rollover to the next week.  Utilizing GUSA as a megaphone for the student body’s voice, we can work with administration and ARAMARK to strike a deal that benefits all students.”

While she has not served in the senate before, Murday thinks she has interacted enough with senators and administrators to fit right into the role. “I bring a wide variety of experiences with me in this Senate race,” she wrote in an email to Vox. “I serve on a GUSA external board that works with administrators in the housing and maintenance departments to promote structural alterations.  This office gives me an advantage in understanding where the Georgetown administration can meet the student body with regard to campus reforms.”

Beyond her current role in student government, Murday points to her involvement with a variety of campus clubs. “I have leadership experience from many organizations on campus, including the International Relations Club, Habitat for Humanity, and Women in Politics,” she wrote. “I am determined to bring the changes that Hoyas demand and deserve to improve our Georgetown experience.”

Matthew Mace (MSB ’16)

Mace is running to represent Village C East for a simple reason: “because I can get things done.”

First on his agenda are the everyday concerns of students. “I want to get the time students have to be signed into dorms that aren’t theirs to 12am when there isn’t undergraduate class the next day (because this is when quiet hours begin),” he wrote in an email to Vox. “I want grab and go’s on weekends and more.”

Mace wants to integrate student opinion into his  GUSA priorities.  “I’m willing to work for not only what I want but also the changes that you want to see made,” he wrote .“Find me or my campaign group on facebook anytime to let me know what you think needs to be done.”


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