Vox‘s Voting Guide: Candidates for LXR

Here are the candidates for the single senate seat representing LXR. There are three candidates in the race.

Max Harris GUSAZach Singer (SFS ’15)

Zach Singer (SFS ‘15) is an International Politics major running to represent LXR Hall. Calling himself “the only experienced GUSA candidate in the LXR election,” much of his pitch is based on his past accomplishments in the Senate.

“As the vice-chair of the Finance and Appropriations committee last year and a sitting member on the New South Student Center committee, I know how to advocate for students and make the goals of LXR’s residents happen,” he wrote in an email.

When asked about his accomplishments last semester, Singer pointed to his work on the FinApp committee again.

“I am proud of my accomplishments in the Finance and Appropriations committee,” he wrote. “Last year I helped SAC gain 66% more funding than their previous budget. Every student on the Hilltop will benefit from this larger budget. However, I am most proud of the bill I authored with Ben Weiss that created a financial aid program for GUSA Senate Elections. I believe every student who wants to run for GUSA should be given a chance, and that’s why I authored that bill.”

Singer says speaking up for students remains his top priority this time around.

“My main issue is student advocacy,” he wrote,“whether that means encouraging student-run businesses to be able to compete on campus, or advocating for the rights of every club, or making sure the burden of proof is raised to clear and convincing. Students need strong advocates in GUSA and I know how to be one.”

Kelsey Jones GUSAKelsey Jones (COL ’15)

Kelsey Jones (COL ‘15) is double majoring in government and psychology . She  is running to represent LXR Hall to “try and resolve any issues the other students of LXR and I have at Georgetown, and to make sure we get to be a part of the changes and new developments on our campus.”

Whereas many other candidates identify specific campus policies they would like changed or implemented, Jones has a different approach. “My first priority isn’t a specific issue that the Senate will decide. It’s the lack of information that students have about the Senate,” she wrote in an email to Vox. “I strive to actually understand what people in LXR think and want from their senator. I want my constituents to know what’s coming up in the Senate and get their opinions on how I should proceed if I am elected.”

When asked what distinguishes her from other LXR candidates, Jones emphasized communication and interaction with constituents. “I honestly don’t know the other candidates so I can’t say specifically what distinguished me.,” she wrote. “I can say that I am obsessed with my e-mail so I am readily available to talk with the students of LXR. I am passionate about understanding what my constituents want because I don’t think my opinion was represented last year since I never knew who my senator was. I know I can change that and actually represent LXR and hope that you give me that opportunity!”

max harrisMax Harris (COL ’15)

Max Harris (COL ‘15) is running for GUSA  “to create a dialogue between the residents of LXR and GUSA.” In an email to Vox, he writes “My first priority in office if elected to the Senate would be to fix the various problems with Leo’s!  I also hope to start working on my idea of creating another Grab ‘n Go in East Campus-most likely the Car Barn.”

Harris thinks he brings a fresher perspective to the campaign than anyone else. “I am a transfer student,” he wrote, “so I am bringing my past experiences with me.  I believe that those past experiences with enrich the Georgetown community and enable me to better serve the residents of LXR.”

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