This Week in the Voice: Fishing in the Anacostia

if you teach a manIn this week’s feature, Editorial Board Chair Rachel Calvert heads down to Anacostia to investigate the pollution in the Anacostia river and explores how this pollution effects residents.

The river’s history is wrapped up in the racial and socioeconomic scheme of the District. “The river has long been seen by upper socioeconomic levels as just over there, that’s where we dump our waste,” said Julie Lawson. “But for the African Americans who live there, they learned to swim there because the pools were segregated. People who are alive today were baptized there, and they’re disappointed that their children can’t swim there.”

On the Editorial page, the board calls for greater efforts by the DC government to clean up the Anacostia river.

In News, Laura Kurek investigates the newly formed partnership between PNC bank and student GOCards.

Chris Castano gives an overview of the women’s soccer season so far this year and looks ahead to the rest of the season on the Sports page.

In the Leisure section, assistant Leisure editor Julia Lloyd-George discusses the collaboration between Georgetown and the Philadelphia-based Pig Iron Theater Company.

Managing editor Keaton Hoffman argues in the Voices section that Germany is preventing Jewish people from being able to practice their faith by disallowing circumcision on minors.

Page 13 reminds us that homecoming seasons is right around the corner, with a series of football jersey’s that go back in Georgetown’s history.

And don’t miss the third installment of 50 Shades of Blue and Gray, the new serial romantic fiction project on the back cover of the Voice.

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