Comments of the Week: To shy away from activism

Last week, most of our comments centered around a post about a few students from Georgetown Leaders for Unity and Equity, a group which held signs in Red Square with provocative phrases, advertising for a discussion on whether or not Georgetown is “institutionally racist.” Students were so distraught by the idea of calling Georgetown racist that they started being racist themselves.

At least four comments by Black Hoya required removal:

Comment was removed by editor for offensive content.

One student, Voice of the People, didn’t seem to understand our comment policy on offensive language and spam:

Hey Vox, if you are the voice of Georgetown, why are you removing student posts? The point is, GLUE failed to provide clarity about their signholding in a public place (NOT a protest!), which is bizarre as apparently they are trying to spread awareness and open a discussion. So, now they must face the consequences – they’ve become the punchline of a very sad joke.

A sad joke, indeed. Perhaps we should’ve called their Red Square gathering a “strike” instead.

Additionally, GLUE members and alumni decided they didn’t really want to incite controversy when they stood in Red Square. They wanted to “spark dialogue”. Wait a minute fails to see the difference:

“Please come out and support us in this noble cause to stand outside, wave signs, and call attention to ourselves. We need this attention because we never received it as children.”

@Cofounders: So let me get this straight. You weren’t protesting. You were there to start a conversation by waving signs with provocative statements. And we should come out and support you because you never received enough attention as a child?

So basically, this is all about the fact that you were neglected by your parents. Yeah that sounds pretty racist.

At the end of the day, this conversation was never about whether or not Georgetown is institutionally racist. The real question, History Check points out, is whether or not Father Healy was black.

 All ya’ll hating on Father Healy: he was born a slave and of mixed race ancestry. Not that he couldn’t have been racist, but still.

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