Leo’s passes second health inspection with zero violations

UntitledThe Department of Health recently released a secondary, “follow-up” report that took place on September 24th for the Leo J. O’Donovan Dining Hall. The report shows that Leo’s passed in every single category. There were no observations that required critical action, and the inspector also added that Leo’s now has a written health policy on how to deal with food-borne illnesses.

On September 13, the DOH discovered six critical and two non-critical violations in the dining hall. The violations ranged from unclean food contact on surfaces to incorrect cooling temperatures for food.

Now that Leo’s is back in good shape, Vox will be sure to notify our Leo’s mole rat to lay low for a bit.

3 Comments on “Leo’s passes second health inspection with zero violations

  1. Lol, leo’s passes a health inspection? No investigation? You’re seriously supporting the idea that it is safe and healthy?

    It’s sad to see such a reputable news source go to hell like this.

    Or is vox going in the direction of the onion now or something?

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