This Week in the Voice: D.C.’s second-tier comedy scene

cover1In this week’s Feature, Julia Lloyd-George delves into the local comedy club scene, discussing why comedy is not as prominent in D.C. as it is in other major cities around the US.

Comedy is both a business and an art form. Balancing those two components of the industry is fundamental to succeeding anywhere, yet any effective D.C. comedian must learn how to straddle both before being launched onto the national stage. The District’s inescapable identity as a “stepping stone” for the grander forums of New York and L.A. may be the city’s greatest roadblock. That the most successful comics flood out of the District to seek fame and fortune is a reality of the entertainment business, yet many local comics hope to see the city build a reputation that is truly on par with the amount of talent present here.

In the Editorial Section, the editorial board argues that third party candidates should be allowed to participate in Presidential debates as they can provide new perspectives and ideas that voters will not see from the two major parties.

In News, Vanya Mehta covers Service Employees International Union’s plans to organize adjunct professors at Georgetown.

On the Sports page’s Sermon, Kevin Joseph discusses the impact of professional sports on daily life.

Alexandra Golway reviews Angelika Film Center and Cafe, upscale movie theatre and restaurant, on the Leisure page.

In Voices, Gavin Bade discusses the relationship between the press and the government in Argentina.

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