Comments of the Week: Leo’s victory party would be premature

Last week, the Department of Health released a follow-up food inspection for Leo’s O’Donovan Dining Hall. The inspection was a resounding success, but Barack shadows over the victory with a sad reality:

Aka the bribe went through

Features editor Connor Jones thinks the inspection is incomplete. Perhaps flies take a back seat to the temperature of the refrigerators and the grooves in the cutting boards.

What about the time I found a swarm of flies on a Leo’s muffin?

After Georgetown changed its International Travel policy to require all Georgetown students, faculty, and staff to register their travel plans, MS rightly predicts the next step the Citizen’s Association of Georgetown will take right after installing security cameras.

I hear the CAG is going to push for designating everywhere outside the front gates of Georgetown as “international territory” requiring prior approval from the Travel Committee.

Lastly, after Provost Bob Groves expressed support of the Just Employment policy and any effort by adjunct professors to unionize with SEIU, Johnny Mac reminds us that most people don’t read articles before commenting.

seriously? go away. tenure alone is bad enough.

Those gosh darned adjuncts with their demands to upgrade their office couches from measly cow hide to plush purple velvet.

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