Madeleine Albright would give Romney a “C” on foreign policy

Madeleine Albright at Geroge Mason UniversityIn a conference call organized by the Obama Campaign, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said that as a Georgetown professor, she would give Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney a “C” in a course on foreign policy. Her comments come in light of Romney’s recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, where he argues that President Barack Obama‘s foreign policy is flawed.

“I just find him very shallow,” Albright said, according to Talking Points Memo“I’m a professor and if one of my students turned it in they’d get a ‘C’ because he gave absolutely no specifics.”

In the WSJ op-ed, Romney claims that Obama’s policy in the past four years did not assert America’s role as a world power.  “Our values have been misapplied—and misunderstood—by a president who thinks that weakness will win favor with our adversaries,” he wrote.

Albright went so far as to suggest that Romney’s article was “full of platitudes and free of substance,” suggesting that his knowledge on foreign policy is elementary and outdated.

In his past talks on foreign policy, Romney pegged Russia as a “number one geopolitical foe.” He also focused on Russia during a recent speech to the Virginia Military Institute. According to TPMAlbright found this characterization of Russia as both incorrect and behind the times:

If you were living in the 20th century, his position on Russia might make a certain amount of sense. We’re living in the 21st century, and to think that Russia is our biggest geostrategic threat makes absolutely no sense.

Romney concluded his op-ed for the Wall Street Journal acknowledging that we are in fact in the 21st century, and that policy changes are key. “Our challenges are different now, but if the 21st century is to be another American Century, we need leaders who understand that keeping the peace requires American strength in all of its dimensions,” he wrote.

At the end of the day, Albright just found Romney’s speech at VMI plain “confusing.” Perhaps Georgetown’s Humanities and Writings I course would do.

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5 Comments on “Madeleine Albright would give Romney a “C” on foreign policy

  1. I give Madeleine Albright a D- on her choice of pants suit.

  2. A democrat stooge – what would you expect? Her opinion on Romney is about as useful as a pay toilet in a diarrhea ward.

  3. Talk about confusing, does she have a grasp on reality. Obama was having fun in Vegas, while our strongest ally, Israel, in the Middle East needed our help the most. Obama is not reliable domestically or internationally.

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