This Week in the Voice: Fall Fashion Preview

voice fashionIn this week’s Feature, the Voice gives students an overview of fall fashion. You can find the online spread here, or pick up a copy of the paper on campus!

On the Editorial page, the editorial board argues that the DC Board of Education should encourage more comment and criticism from community members and work to create more positive changes.

In News, Alexandra Ma and Rebecca Anthony investigate Georgetown’s recycling and waste disposal practices.

In the Sports section, Brandon Crowley looks forward to Georgetown football’s game against Lehigh on Saturday.

Mary Boroweic reviews the National Gallery of Art’s latest exhibition, Shock of the News, on the Leisure page.

In Voices, Claire McDaniel criticizes our education system’s usage of standardized tests, arguing that these tests do not allow students to exhibit a well-rounded intelligence.

And finally don’t forget to check out the latest installment of 50 Shades of Blue and Gray, the Voice’s romantic fiction series, on page 17!

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