GU Circle of Women launch picture campaign for National Girl’s Day

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On Wednesday and Thursday, the Georgetown University Circle of Women launched a picture campaign where students could stand with the phrase “GIRLS + EDUCATION =”. This tool was part of an effort to raise awareness about a smaller project to improve education access for girls at a boarding house in Southeast India.

“We’ve had a lot of success in terms of this particular event and we’re excited about the number of people who came out translating to a number of people becoming activists…and continue to advocate for girl’s education,” Founding Member and Financial Director Vivian Ojo (SFS ’14) said.

“By filling in the blank of the Girls Education Equation with some of the ideas you think are relevant…you can be part of the awareness revolution,” she added.

4 Comments on “GU Circle of Women launch picture campaign for National Girl’s Day

  1. I’m offended by todd olson’s diagram. As a feminist I believe women are no more or no less creative then men, and by assuming that their is a difference, he creates false assumptions about varying capabilities between the sexes.

  2. Writing on signs and having my picture taken is my second favorite form of changing the world. the most preferred way of changing the world is writing on my forearms and hands, and then having my picture taken.

  3. My most preferred form of changing the world is liking something on facebook (Kony 2012 anyone?)

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