Remix Your Weekend: Autumn Sweaters

Remix Your Weekend is Vox’s age-old feature on newly released songs and upcoming concerts in the D.C. area. From now on, this feature will be brought to you each week by a different writer from WGTB’s blog The Rotation. 

October means pumpkins, sweaters, and… midterms. Whether you are cramming formulas and theories into your head or cramming beers down your throat to blow off steam, throw on the playlist of the week and life just might be a little more tolerable.

Deadmau5 has a new song about the possibility of being served coffee (something that should excite us all!) and Detroit’s Danny Brown has collaborated with Purity Ring to produce a remix worthy of a study break.

Dave’s Weekend Playlist by Vanya Mehta on Grooveshark

Additionally, here’s a list of upcoming concerts for this weekend in the District:



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