Comments of the Week: (Inter)National Forearm Day

Last week, campus news was a bit slow but the commentariat still had their time and place to shine. Georgetown professsor and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright slammed Romney’s foreign policy knowledge in a conference call with the Obama campaign. As a result, even Barack begins to question his own testing skills:

I would give Albright my “C” any day.

Eggstraordinary Pants Suit Eggspert, on the other hand, focuses on the bigger issue at hand.

I give Madeleine Albright a D- on her choice of pants suit.

Towards the end of the week, GU Circle of Women held a picture campaign to both raise awareness about a fundraiser for a girl’s boarding school in South India and celebrate National Girl’s Day. Whether he intended to or not, sir makes us wonder if he Instagrammed his latest tattoo (“I Love You Mom”) for International Mom’s Day.

 Writing on signs and having my picture taken is my second favorite form of changing the world. the most preferred way of changing the world is writing on my forearms and hands, and then having my picture taken.

1920’s Guy takes us back to America’s glory days. Girls + Education…

= Trouble. Nothing but trouble.

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