“Drunken Georgetown Students” blogger resumes posting, lurks outside parties

drunkenstudentsHe’s back. And he’s calling us pigs.

This past Sunday, Georgetown resident, former American University professor, and founder of the website “Drunken Georgetown Students” Stephen R. Brown posted a minute-long video with an aerial view of a daytime house party on 37th Street in Burleith. The video scans over a view of a beer can in the driveway, the fence surrounding the yard, and a group of 20 to 30 students shmoozin’ and boozin’ on their own property.

“They don’t get much ruder than this bunch who seems to feel the need to host a party anytime they can,” Brown wrote in the post.

Back in April of 2010, Brown launched the website, taking pictures of Georgetown students partying around the neighborhood without obscuring their identities by blurring the photographs. “I don’t consult with [the students who I photograph.] I’m doing what I’m doing … I have the First Amendment right to photograph whatever is going on,” he said to Vox at the time.

The server host of drunkengeorgetownstudents.com demanded Brown take down the website, or blur out the faces of the students. Instead, he moved the site to Blogspot. For a while, he stopped posting, and now it appears he’s back in action.

In one post, Brown gives us credit where it’s not due: “Rumor has it they are in contention for the top five drinking schools in the nation.  They deserve the title!” A cursory search for the top party schools ranked this year features West Virginia University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Colorado-Boulder, Ohio University, and Union College. Sadly enough, Georgetown doesn’t even make top fifteen.

In September, Brown referred in a post to a group of students partying as “pigs in a poke.” It’s unclear whether or not he knows what this idiom means, or he’s just saying the students are pigs in a pen. According to thefreedictionary.com, the idiom refers to “something that you buy or accept without first seeing it or knowing what it is like, with the result that it might not be what you want.”

Perhaps Brown is just trying to be poetic. Possible explanations for this metaphor:

  1. “My million dollar rent contract never included neighborhood keg.”
  2. “I thought Natty Light was a craft beer! I didn’t pay for this!”
Bottom line: The days of Stephen Brown’s antics are not over. If you thought Citizen Association of Georgetown’s security cameras would be the only evidence of the last time you pissed on your own front lawn, think again.

Screenshot from drunkengeorgetownstudents.com

12 Comments on ““Drunken Georgetown Students” blogger resumes posting, lurks outside parties

  1. Oh man, he doesn’t even allow comments on his blog.

  2. damn i was hoping this website was gonna be like bangbus but with saferides vans

  3. In retaliation for this, I urge the Georgetown Community Partnership to make Ron Lewis take only the Canal Road entrance to his house.

  4. Comment has been removed by Editor for posting personal information

  5. does anyone else think that this older man watching young people from afar can be considered not only a pervert but also a stalker? im calling metro…

  6. like this sheee on google +, reblog, whatevers, get the word out. His efforts should not go unrewarded. And raging parties like these will certainly boost the schools big time bad-boy rep. Good on ya Professor steven brown, photographer and student watcher extraordinaire!

  7. Vox, I hate this guy as much as the next dude, but you’ve now let his personal information stay up in these comments for more than 12 hours. Stuff like that has always been removed on this blog as a violation of comment policy. You should do a service and remove it.

    That said, some of this stuff might qualify for a restraining order, no? The students at 1900 37th, who appear to have been repeatedly taped, should talk to a lawyer.

  8. I will interject that Stephen R. Brown is not only a former professor, but that he was an assistant professor of digital media and photography. Perhaps Mr. Brown could benefit from taking some workshops and renting video equipment from my Gelardin New Media Center. Not only will he have the capability to record a video in 1080p (my new media center will gladly lend him an HD video camera) rather than 360p as he are now, but additionally, he’ll better understand why these students are drunk after he sees the conditions in Georgetown University’s premier library, Lauinger Library.

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  10. @Source Close to the Administration

    still don’t care that you’re close to the administration

  11. If I lived in that house he constantly video tapes (or on the Voice), I’d set a car in front of his residence with a “security” camera inside of it and live stream it. Call it the Creepy Stalker Cam and publicize it. Wait for the guy to decide and vandalize it and then call the cops.

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