Ice-skating rink set to open in November at Georgetown Waterfront

Last Thursday, crews from Clark Construction began laying white slabs of sub-flooring over the Washington Harbor Fountain to begin its transition to an ice-skating rink for the winter months. In September of last year, Georgetown Waterfront Park was officially completed after two decades of work and with a price tag of more than $24 million.

The rink will be 11,800 square feet, the largest outdoor rink in the D.C. metro area and larger than the rink at Rockefeller Center in New York as well as the one at the National Gallery of Art. The rink will be open for parties and events and will host a skate with Santa Claus before Christmas. In addition to the rink, the two restaurants on the waterfront, Tony and Joe’s and the Riverfront Grill, will have heated bars. The hope is that the rink will bring more life to the area during the winter months.

The current plan is to have the rink opening sometime in November, probably “on or around the weekend before Thanksgiving,” said Joshua Lynsen, a Washington Harbor spokesman, to the Georgetown Patch.

Rink admission will be $9 for adults and $7 for children, seniors, and members of the military. On certain days college students will receive a  $2 discount by showing their university ID. Skate rental will be $5 and there will be skating lessons available.

Photo Nico Dodd

5 Comments on “Ice-skating rink set to open in November at Georgetown Waterfront

  1. Largest *outdoor* rink. It will be smaller than most indoor rinks.

  2. Finally, we no longer have to leave the Georgetown bubble at Christmas to go use that janky ice rink at the Sculpture Garden! So many proles.

  3. I think there is a confusion here between the Waterfront (the place that got flooded and has all the retaurants) where I presume the rink will be and the Waterfront Park (what you have in the picture and whose renovation took 2 decades)…. They are not the same thing…. Cmon Vox!

  4. Indeed. The Georgetown Waterfront Park is pictured here. The skating rink is going in at the Georgetown Harbor waterfront development.

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