Remix Your Weekend: Or, perhaps, remix your Sunday?

Ever wondered what Samuel L. Jackson sounds like… remixed? Thanks to Australian producer Pogo, now you know! Famous for his reworks of Disney classics, Pogo took on Pulp Fiction this summer. Its good enough that even if you haven’t seen the movie its listenable. Compton hailing independent rapper Kendrick Lamar, set to drop his second studio album on October 22, let loose a single, “Backstreet Freestyle”… and it’s a banger.

Unfortunately, Grooveshark’s embed is not working today so here’s the link to the playlist of the week.

Read after the jump for some concerts coming up this weekend!

Music events this coming week:

Monday 10/22 – Cat Power (9:30 Club)

Tuesday 10/23 – Takoma Station Tavern Jazz Jam Session (Takoma Station Tavern)

Wednesday 10/24 – Titus Andronicus, Ceremony (Rock and Roll Hotel), Trey Anistasio Band (The Fillmore)

Thursday 10/25 – Dinosaur Jr. (Black Cat), Major Lazer (9:30 Club), Aimee Man (Birchmere Music Hall)

WGTB Review of the week: Hopey Fink discusses David Byrne & St. Vincent’s collaborative album “Love this Giant.”

3 Comments on “Remix Your Weekend: Or, perhaps, remix your Sunday?

  1. What’s a based producer? Is that the new direction Lil B’s career is going in?

    But actually, even if you meant “Australian-based producer” it wouldn’t make sense. How can you be based in an Australian?

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