The Atlantic names President DeGioia a “Brave Thinker”

degioia_wonkaIn this week’s issue of The Atlantic, President John J. DeGioia is featured as a Brave Thinker of 2012, alongside Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court John Roberts, punk-rock collective Pussy Riotand a whole bunch of Catholic American Nuns.

21 total “Brave Thinkers” were selected for this list that is a “guide to the people risking their reputations, fortunes, and lives in pursuit of big ideas.”

DeGioia is praised for his conduct during the Sandra Fluke controversy. When talk show host Rush Limbaugh publicly insulted Fluke, calling her a “slut” and a “prostitute”, DeGioia responded earlier this March calling for more civil discourse and and more constructive public debate.

The Atlantic also lauded DeGioia for allowing Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius to speak at the commencement ceremony for the Georgetown Public Policy Institute. Conservative and Catholic groups protested outside the front gates of Healy, but DeGioia did not flinch from his position.

“DeGioia held fast to his decision, again casting his school as a sentinel for the free exchange of ideas—and reminding us why an institution like Georgetown exists in the first place,” The Atlantic description read.

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11 Comments on “The Atlantic names President DeGioia a “Brave Thinker”

  1. DeGioia is lauded for casting his school as a “sentinel for the free exchange of ideas.” Except, apparently, when it comes to actually putting those ideas into paper or practice, as the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has given Georgetown a “red light” ranking – its worst – for its speech and expression policies:

    FIRE explains the meaning of its ranking:
    A “red light” institution has at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech. A “clear” restriction is one that unambiguously infringes on what is or should be protected expression. In other words, the threat to free speech at a red light institution is obvious on the face of the policy and does not depend on how the policy is applied. A “substantial” restriction on free speech is one that is broadly applicable to important categories of campus expression. For example, a ban on “offensive speech” would be a clear violation (in that it is unambiguous) as well as a substantial violation (in that it covers a great deal of what would be protected expression in the larger society). Such a policy would earn a university a red light.

  2. Exactly, Babs. DeGioia deserves this commendation in much the same way that Obama deserves the Nobel Prize.

  3. IDK, hopefully this will nudge him in the right direction, even if red square is the only “free speech zone” on campus

  4. What a joke – Bravery? Who in academia opposed Jack’s comments? I wish he had stood up to the neighborhood Limbaughs like Lenore Rubino and Ron Lewis who have even worse attitudes towards GU students.

  5. I’m getting real tired of this animosity personally directed to Lenore Rubino and Ron Lewis. I have to think they come from frosh who don’t know better. All of you who think it is acceptable to piss on neighbors’ lawns and make lots of noise late at night, please give me your contact information so we can schedule photos of your exploits. Get real folks.

  6. @BR, are you asking to photograph my nighttime exploits? Because that’s a service that I usually charge for

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