Dixie Liquor to remain open throughout Frankenstorm


Brave DeGioia: Why’s it so crowded here? Is it Maximum Mexican Day at Leo’s?

The federal government, the D.C. government, all buses, planes, and the entire Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority shut down services for the day. Even Leo’s just closed.

The Potomac River is likely to top its bank, a massive generator is set up outside the Southwest Quadrangle, and President John J. DeGioia stopped in at Leo’s with Police Chief Jay Gruber  and Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson because they also forgot to stock up their fridges with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Doritos.

But there’s one last upright building in this field of falling soldiers.

Dixie Liquor on M Street will be open today and tomorrow until 8 p.m., “God willing and the river don’t rise,” Dixie owner Sean Clark said to Vox. He added the store is always open during holidays as well. According to Clark, most students flock towards Bailey’s and peppermint schnapps during stormy weather.

“Honest to God, we’re one of the only stores open—snowpocalypse, f*ckin’ hurricanes. I work with cracked ribs, you think a hurricane’s gonna stop us from ringing people up?” Clark said. “If the power’s on but the cable’s out, bring cash.”

You heard the man. Not a moment left to waste as Hurricane Sandy slowly creeps towards the District area.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Pugh (Director of Media Relations), Last minute Dixie run by Connor Jones

5 Comments on “Dixie Liquor to remain open throughout Frankenstorm

  1. Why did DeGioia stock up PB&Js? Was Leo’s out of sloppy joes?

  2. #the only time degoia cares about student is during natural disasters. # plausible deniability in case someone dies. #bravethinker

  3. Praise god for small miracles and small batch bourbon. (Not necessarily in that order.)

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